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Convenient, In-Home Pediatric Speech Therapy in the Greater Chicago Area

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Private, In-Home Therapy 

Are you tired of running your child to and from therapy?  Tobogo allows you to choose a therapist for in-home speech therapy sessions.  Research shows that in-home speech therapy is often more effective than clinic-based therapy especially for younger children.  Children are able to practice and implement learned skills in their comfortable, everyday environment.      

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Convenient Online Scheduling

Wish you could schedule and manage appointments without having to call an office during working hours? Tobogo has an online scheduling system so you can schedule therapy appointments at your convenience. Once you've selected your child's therapist, view available session times through our online booking system.

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Simplified, Full-Service Billing 

Paperwork getting you down?  We handle billing your insurance company so that you don't have to.  Clients receive invoices from us via email for any amount not covered.  Tobogo's electronic billing process allows you to view and pay invoices online via our secure client portal.  We also offer enrollment in our autopay system that will charge your account balance directly to your credit card.

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Certified, Trusted Therapists

All Tobogo therapists are certified by the American Speech Language and Hearing Association and licensed in the state of Illinois.  Choose your child's therapist after reviewing online profiles which show therapists' background, areas of interest and expertise.  Select one you believe will be a good fit for your child.  Not sure which one to choose?  Contact us!  We can help match your child based on his or her needs.  

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